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Mothers and Babies
Hospital - Dolakha

$1.82 million raised

On behalf of Australians for Women’s Health volunteers, staff and most importantly the people whom we assist, we extend our deepest gratitude to you for your belief in our humanitarian work and your ongoing support in making it a reality.

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible and will be used exclusively to construct the Mothers and Babies Hospital in Dolakha, Nepal.


Provides medications to prevent life threatening haemorrhages in pregnancy.


Will pay for an operation to fix a woman suffering with genital prolapse.


Will pay for the training of a midwife.


Will pay for a surgical ward.

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Train a midwife $1,550

One of the best ways to stop mums and babies dying in Nepal is to train more Skilled Birth Attendants. Sponsor a midwife to train over a 12-month period and you can create a birthing experience that’s both safe and caring.

Secure Medicine
Cupboard $340

Vital medicines need to be kept safe and secure from mischievous hands!

Taps to supply clean
water $570

Hygiene is crucial to prevent the spread of disease. Plumbing to hospital wards provides far more reliable clean water.

Newborn baby
cots $225

Hospital cots are vital for the care of the newborn babies in poor health.

Labour examination
light $750

Adequate light is crucial for the safe birth of babies. Power supply is unreliable in Nepal. All hospital lights need a backup battery supply.

Caesarean Section
Instruments $600

So many babies’ lives are saved with emergency Caesarean sections. Our hospital requires several sets of instruments to provide this crucial on-going care.

Hospital blankets

Keep mums and babies warm in the foothills of the Himalayas .

Supporter's Promise

We are committed to providing high standards of accountability to our donors.

Australians for Women’s Health also provides donors with accountability through internationally and independently audited accounts.

We welcome and encourage dialogue with our supporters. We would love to hear your comments, feedback, issues, concerns or appreciation.

The Field
We aim to bring our supporters closer to the reality and challenges of our work, through our publications, mailings and website. Our information and accounts come directly from our field staff and projects to give our supporters first-hand information about our work.

Australians for Women’s Health is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our donors, website visitors, and other individuals who communicate with us.

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