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I’ve been astounded by messages of support from the people of Nepal. Those in Nepal who have access to email have contacted me asking if there’s anything they can do to help our country following the catastrophic bushfires. Their messages remind me of the extraordinary generosity and compassion of the Nepalese people – who still suffer so much themselves.

These people are still recovering from their own devastation after the major earthquakes in Nepal where nearly 9,000 lost their lives and more than 600,000 homes were destroyed.

I thanked the Nepalese for their support and politely declined their assistance.

Right now we need to focus on our own backyard, with as much financial support each of us can muster. We need to dig deep to help the thousands of Australians affected by the unprecedented bushfires and the massive devastation to our native wildlife.

The Nepalese people fully understand that at this moment we need to direct the majority of our donations to local charities. Eventually the needs in our own country will become less pressing, and we’ll be able to return our attention to those suffering in other parts of the world.

Ray Hodgson
Australians for Women’s Health

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